Friday, January 23, 2009

Dang! Jill Valentine Is Dead...

...or will be. Whatever, I was never good at tenses.

Anyway, got a speak peek of the upcoming Resident Evil 5 game, (available only for PS3 and Xbox 360) and I found a dismal shot of Chris Redfield visiting Jill's grave

She was so hot. Even the movie copied down her looks to a t.

This is too bad. My other perennial RE favorite is the mysterious Ada Wong also died in RE 4.

They should have killed off Claire Redfield instead. I was never a big fan. Or they could find a way to bring back Jill to life like they did to my all time kick-ass video game heroin, Lara Croft. I was so obsessed with her that she was my thesis topic.

Reliving the hotness here:

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