Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Reasons Why I'm Pissed Off Today

It's Friday. It's the last day of the work week. I'm excited and eager to start my off. Heck, it's Friday Madness at 88.9.

And then two cretins pissed me off.

One was a maniac jeepney passenger. A pimply student wearing a white uniform. I shoved him off and yelled at him in front of all passengers because he was just a bit too close for comfort. Serves him right.

One is a very rude employee of STANDARD CHARTERED BANK named MARCO DAVID with TELEPHONE NUMBERS 4174070/4190199. He texted about a loan and credit card offer and even when I expressed my interest, he was very rude and demanding with requests. I already erased our text message exchanges. I don't need that rubbish on my phone. I sent my requirements in PDF format and he had the gall to ask me to resend those in JPG format with matching exclamation points at the end and demanding why is nobody answering our landline. Idiot. Their sorry office doesn't even have Adobe Reader. Well, MARCO DAVID, say goodbye to one commission lost.

Well, writing is indeed cathartic. I am hoping that this feelings seeps away soon because with my hyperthyroidism, everything is magnified which is why I feel so irritated more than usual.

Moving on...=)

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