Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Overdue Birthday Entry For My Mom

"My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it."
(Mark Twain)

I really was a hell raiser during my adolescent and well into my teenage years. To be honest, my mom had it easier raising my four brothers who had been well rounded and not as much as a hellion that I was.

Since Dad was working in another country, we were ruled by my strict eldest brother, and this did not sit well with my flighty and free spirited nature. So I had a very frustrating time with my family during those years with me batting head with my mother who was trying hard to keep me in line while tearing her hair out in the process. =p

And I did say to myself, not just one time, that I would never be like her. (And I realized that this is common in the mother-daughter dynamic)

But when I graduated, had a job of my own, and then lived on my own the fights have been less frequent. I stopped seeing her as the enemy but as a mother that I can actually turn to. For some reason, an unspoken truce happened. I understood her better now and our tolerance for each other grew. We started appreciating each other.

When I become a mom myself, I valued every advice that she gave me. Having reared 5 children and 4 other grandchildren, I trust my mom's judgment and she's making me learn things on my own without being overbearing. That's a big change from before when she would counter every decision that I make. We've both have grown up. And I am glad.

Happy birthday, Mom! We love you so much. We are wishing you good health and we will always take care of you and Dad. =).

And please, try to smile for the camera. I now you are camera shy and all, but I promise you it doesn't bite. You would always look beautiful. =)

Pictured with my mom, the birthday girl and my sister-in-law.
July 9, 2008. Tiendesitas.

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