Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lost..but not found

Somewhere in between packing my bag for the Medicall Sportsfest and arriving home yesterday after the trip I manage to lose our 9 month old digicam.

Sucks big time.

I don't know what happened. I remembered taking test shots when I checked the batteries. I remembered asking my husband to put the camera in its case. When I got on the bus and I didn't find it on my bag I figured I just left it at home but when I got home we can't find it anywhere.

It must have slipped out of my backpack when I got my wallet out to pay for the cab fare. It was dark because it was 5 am in the morning so I didn't notice anything.

Well, it had been a good camera. We made the most out of it. We had fun using it. I'm gonna miss our Canon A550.

In a few months or so, if our budget permits, we might go for a DSLR.

Back when I was still writing and taking pictures for Tower Publishing and some other magazines, I was bent on getting a Canon 350D for myself. But I stopped writing a couple of years ago, and I didn't get that 350D that I was dreaming.

Anyway, we still have our old Sony Digicam. It's ancient but it gets the work done.

Until then, goodbye A550, goodbye!!!!

Reminiscing, the first time that we used the camera:

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