Friday, May 09, 2008

Three Months, Baby!

Here's my Little Punk and Me . Looks a lot like his Dada here.
My adorable punk is cooing and talking a lot. We love Playtime!

Yesterday was a rare Date Day for me and my husband. We went at the Church to book Wolf's Christening and went to Trinoma afterwards to watch Ironman. Lurve it! My husband hates Robert Downey Jr but he admits that the role suits Robert Downey Jr well. So there.

Ate a very late lunch at Five Cows. Main courses were a bit blah. I had the Chicken Fillet and hubby ordered a pizza.

Desserts are the strong point of Five Cows.

Their Ferrero Supreme is da-bomb! Even my non-sweet tooth husband agrees.

Visit Trinoma Five Cows now for this little piece of sugary heaven.

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