Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hype and Shish

I'm a Krispy Kreme late bloomer. After I got back from my maternity leave, I found out that there was a newly opened Krispy Kreme along Ayala Avenue. And after weeks of letting my eyes rove hungrily over the dessert display case whenever I pass by the store every morning, I decided to buy some last Mother's Day. I got a couple of their Original Glaze, a piece each of their new flavors: Strawberry and Blueberry Cheesecake, Powdered Strawberry Filled and Chocolate Iced. I even placed it on the nice gift tin cans that they're advertising because, well, it looks nice. All for a whopping 288 Pesos bill.

It took about 2 days and a half before everything was wiped out. Which was weird because we can easily devour a dozen assorted donuts from Dunkin Donuts for a couple of hours. Well the major verdict was that everything was just too, too sweet.

I know that donuts are supposed to be sweet but my mom's internist would've balked at the amount of sugar that KK Donuts has. And I am a self-proclaimed sweet tooth but my poor teeth had raised the white flag for KK.

From now on, I better stick to good 'ol Dunkin Donuts. Fills me up and yet my wallet could at least still stay intact.

- - -

My husband and I were at West Avenue awhile ago to finalize the plans for Wolf's Christening and we planned to eat at Mister Kebab. I was delighted to find out that they're now on a bigger and better ventilated location that also comes equipped with a parking lot. The striped awning was pretty nice touch and it helps a lot if Kebab is jam packed (as it usually is) and you'll have to wait outside for your turn. The interior had greatly improved as well but amazingly, the price is still the same.

Mr. Kebab is a place very close to Freefall's heart. We celebrated here after our thesis defense, which was coincidentally my birthday as well. We ate here before binging on alcohol. We ate here when we're happy, sad, bored, or just wanted to slug on their garlic sauce. Some of us even used to run in to their ex-es here. A lot. There are only good memories here.

And so, in the celebration of remembering those fond memories, I ordered my usual.

The Chicken Chelo Kebab. =). With lots of garlic sauce.

Hubby ordered the Special Beef Chelo Kebab. Eh, kinda looks disgusting from this angle.

And the meal would never be complete with the POTATO CUTLET. But it tastes a bit different now. I can't pinpoint if it's the curry or the flakiness of the potato but I remember it as being more creamy in texture. So I had mixed emotions about the cutlet.

But other than that, this meal is still the epitome of comfort food.


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jaydj said...

uy ! lumipat na ang Kebab ? wala na sa kanto ? sikip rin dun eh..hirap pang puntahan kelangan mag u-turn. sarap dun... haven't taken sweetie there yet...layo kasi ng QC for her.

krispy kreme also rocks... kaya ako pigil dyan dahil sa price.. so it becomes a treat na lang... if i accomplished something or if i wanna eat something delicious.