Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aberrant Baby Behavior + A Godfather Reunion

Wolf was sleeping when I took his photos in continuous shot mode. After I uploaded 'em, I noticed this particular picture:

Look at that facial expression...and that....hand! What a bad-ass! (To the grandparental units, I'm sorry if you'll see this...=p). This kid is taking more and more after his dad every day. Haay. I smell another sakit sa ulo in the making.

Being a very good boy here. He just loves sleeping like this.

Playing in the crib that he inherited from Kuya Louis.

Dave's little punk-rocker princess and our goddaughter, Zakira Marianne. God, look at those cute, chinky eyes.

Daddy's got his hands full. =).

Las esposas de los Tres Dodos con el poco unos.
Those babies are my kid's future play date buddies.

My husband's 'Troops.' See, boys would really grow up someday.

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M. A. said...

This is such a different side of you. It's nice to grow up and move on, eh, bro? I love the person you were and who you've become now. Thanks for constantly writing about them. Hugs!