Friday, March 07, 2008

1 Month

This little punk in the blue pajamas a tad big for him is now a month old.

The rundown:

I still haven't gotten that much-needed 8 hours of sleep but we're working out a humane schedule. I've learned how to sleep with one eye open and to sneak in power naps as much as I can.

We're both breastfeeding and bottle feeding at the same time. That way, my husband and I can get to bond with Wolf individually during his feeding time.

Wolf has good days and bad days, and I've been a real cranky hothead this past few days. I guess the lack of sleep has been getting to me and my husband is the usual target. But he's patient with me and I try to be more patient with him, really. We're both adjusting--heck, we have about the next 5 or so years to adjust.

I can bathe him now!!!!

I've discovered a whole new meaning to the word MULTI-TASKING.

Only a mom can carry her baby, read the newspaper, eat breakfast, do the laundry, and clean feeding bottles--- all at the same time.

The first time I saw him after giving birth to him, I admit that it was not the teary Johnson and Johnson baby moment that I expected it to be. Relief came first...and like everything else, love gradually developed after.

And right now, Wolf's personality is starting to show and we love him more and more each day.

My husband and I are both absolutely gooey over Wolf. We laugh like crazy with each random facial expression that he does. We argue whose turn is it to change his poop-filled diaper. My husband still gets nauseous at the sight and smell of milk but he is already an expert at feeding and burping Wolf. Wolf is getting heavier each day, it is tiring but we are happy.

Yep. We made a good one.


Got sidetrack by the scrapbook that I'm making for Wolf but will finish the Labour Chronicles soon. Promise.

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