Thursday, November 08, 2007

Test Shots

We spent our rest days at Valenzuela. I got test out our new digicam. Some shots are still amateurish, I know, but I do hope to get better before our little one arrives. I'd be taking a million photos of him before he even starts walking. Hehe.

This book was a Wedding Gift from husband. =). I love it so much.

As far as I know, the only other copy here in Manila can be found at the Humanities section of the UST Library and it's not even borrowable. When we were doing research on archetypes for our Creative Writing class, this book came in handy but I only got to photocopy a few pages because of library policies.

I've always been fascinated with fairies since 4th grade. I used to look for fairy rings around the grassy area in my school because they say that if you step into one, you would be able to see them. No such luck yet for me, though.

The upside of being sick, I get to eat what I want and what I wanted was a no-frill chicken macaroni salad that my mom promptly made for me. Hihi.

Chicken bits. Good! Pasta. Good! Cheese bits. Go-ood!

My husband and I were watching Discovery Channel's Travel and Living and they were featuring Portuguese food. When they got to the dessert portion, I salivated at the little cups of caramel creme being shown on the television that I begged my mom to whip up a batch of the local version of creme caramel, The Leche Flan.

Nobody cooks 'Flan' the way my mom does. It's creamy, not-too-sweet and not those gross gelatinous concoction that they mass produce at Goldilocks.

I ate half of this serving and by the end of the day, my tonsils have swollen probably the size of a grape. Eh, but it was worth it.

My mom not only cooked a batch, but she made sure that I get to take home a bigger flan for myself.

My mom is the best-est!!!!

This is me. Look how big my tummy is? I'd be 6 months pregnant next week.

Can you believe it? Because sometimes, I still can't.

This is my husband. He is either too serious or too goofy on his pictures.

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TiOheM said...

Sarap naman ng food. Chix Mac Salad & Leche flan - my favorites. And, take extra good care of yourself and your baby. About 3 month to go pa.