Monday, May 07, 2007

Back on Track

Back on Track

Now that things have settled down a bit...the Wedding Plan is back on!

We did hit a rough patch sometime last week..partly because of some resentment that wasn't properly addressed in the past, coupled with my separation anxiety from Boa but all it needed was a good talk so yeah, everything is back to being being peachy keen.

I already accepted the fact that our wedding would not be held at Fernwood Gardens as i hoped it would be due to cost issues but, I think (and I'm tightly crossing my fingers) we have found a rather good but easier on the budget alternative.

I found some good designs for the gowns of my bridesmaid. They are ready to wear and cheaper than having them rented.

We did some modifications on the entourage as well. I wanted to get half from my side and and the other half on Boa's to be fair and square.

I really had a headache when I was doing the guest list. I think my relatives alone makes up about 75% of the guest list. My mother has a large family and assuming that all of them would attend, on my side alone, it adds up to 97 people. Sheesh. Seating them is another issue but I don't wan to deal with that. Not just yet. We're more focused on canvassing right now and the venue is our major concern.

So far, that is what we have accomplished.

Be back soon.

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