Sunday, December 17, 2006

For My Animus

For My Animus

I threw back my head for him
And he loved my throat
And brushed the tips of my breasts
And caressed my whole body,
Making me giddy with the sense of myself
And of the space about me
That was my lover.
-"Makeshift," Laura Riding

I know you're not big on words, and despite that, I appreciate the honesty of what you're trying to say inspite of your silence.

Actions do speak louder than words.

I hear you better now. More clearly than before.

If I have ever misjudged you before, I know better now. You had to understand where I was coming from. I never had any long term expectations for us. I've resigned myself to the fact that like any other trysts, this tango will end sooner or later.

Apparently, I was wrong. When you asked me If I was happy, I was telling the truth.

Oh I know we'll fight.

Maybe I won't be able to control my irrational fits of jealousy, or how I would not be able to stop thinking that you're just there for the free lay. Maybe you'll walk out on me, or say hurtful things in return. Maybe you'll do the things I'm always accusing you of or maybe you really are as faithful as you say.

But right now, contentment is when you wrap your arms around me.

I feel safe.

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