Thursday, May 18, 2006

Working Hard (pictures galore!)

Some photos that were taken during the Ripe Tomatoes 99.5RT event at Greenhills a few weeks ago. Thanks to Stonefree's manager, Soki, who got my comrade
Jhamie and I passes for the event.
These are my favorite shots, all the others are posted in my Flickr account, whose link can be found somewhere in this blog.

I used Jhamie's Pixie, by the way. (muchas gracias, kapatid!)

Here's Jhamie, with her Lilith

Zach Lucero of Imago

For the girls, Yael of Spongecola

Yael Yuzon

Raymund 'Sugaraims' Marasigan, for Pedicab

Pochoy of Dicta License

Myrene Academia, for Imago

A very drunk Mong Alcaraz of Sandwich

Miro of Stonefree

Diego Mapa for Pedicab (haay, cute)

Chuck Isidro of 6cyclemind

Aia of Imago


1 comment:

wary_of_scars said...

hoy lola...valiktad ka. Yung Canon si Lilith, Pixie is Fuji.

kitakits sa savado...^_^