Friday, May 26, 2006

Awit Awards Here We Come

Okay, so I'm literally bouncing with excitement. Received the email from Jay, and it seems that all systems are now go for the Awit Awards on the 15th of June.

Of course, the biggest winners in all this is Jhamie and Jay who are the official photographers of the said event. And when I say official, I mean they ARE actually getting paid. Congrats, mga dudes.

Thanks so much to Jay, for making this possible at idamay pa daw ako sa booty through a free dine out. Hehe!

Jhamie, big time ka na girl! Isama naman kameng mga mortal sa pangarap mo!

I'm so, so of the biggest events that I will attend for this year.

I already invited Ardee because I need someone to get all dolled and dressed up with at maganda ng may kasama habang busy si Jay at Jhamie. That way, free-for-all ang bashing, gushing, at man-hunting namin ni Ardee niyan. Hehe.

Reminders: Buy new shoes and purse to go with my little black dress. Hehe.


wary_of_scars said...

*see me smiling from ear to ear*

psyche said...

i'm so glad you and ardee have made up. :) have fun at the awit awards!