Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Falling Apart

Everything is falling apart in this goddamned household. First the PS2 got busted....It won't turn on (but its okay because I don't play it much anymore but I have to fix it because I learned that Tomb Raider: Legend will be released on the last uarter of the year)

Then the microwave oven sparked yesterday morning, so we are now reheating leftovers the old fashioned way.

What's next?

- - -

Submitted one of my article (the Nina concert)...I'm halfway done with the Jimmy Bondoc/Paolo Santos article...same with PNE but I can't help but guffaw everytime I listen to the interview. Those are really funny sonofabitches.

After those I thought I was home free na but I promised the 6th Day article to Kuya Rons pa pala...Haay.

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