Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Grand Design

"I will never be one of those soulless, corporate robots working the 9 to 5 job"

I believe that these were the exact words I uttered to my dear friend Ailil while we were on the research stage of our thesis earlier this year, prior to graduation. During that time I never saw myself working beyond the classroom or even 5 meters away from my PC where I write most of my works.

Lat Monday, my first day on the job as a CSR at ePLDT Parlance, I looked at myself at the washroom's wall to wall mirror, and I believe that I felt the same thing Jhamie did when she started working at Nucleuss. I cannot believe that the person on the reflection was I because I was wearing this white long sleeved polo and black slacks and a pair of black pumps to match. It was like seeing Joi wearing a football shirt. The reflection was a far cry from the girl a few weeks ago that used to walk down the Mega Strip wearing shorts and flip-flops. Heck, I hang out at Starbucks wearing old and torn jeans and it was not because I liked to challenge the dress code. It is just the way I am but now I am actually working in an establishment where we are required to don office attire, Monday to Thursday. Weird City.

What some people would do to earn the big bucks.

It's not as if my job is really THAT horrible.

My training is a combination of Speech Class 1 and 2 from high school and America 101. Hell in two days I have managed to commit to memory the 50 States and their postal codes than the names of the senators in the Philippine Senate. What a hoot.

My officemates aren't that bad either. In fact they're great.

I was griping to Ailil last week that I was so bummed at now being included in the shift that Meann and the rest were on. I kinda ended up eating my own words, as usual.

But the sight of this girl who looked a lot like Jennifer Aniston changed my mind. Ha ha, just kidding but it was part of it, yeah.

Our trainer is a real live DJ and naturally he has a great voice but he's only 23. He has this Jude law thing going on. He's
nice although I was late yesterday and opened the fire exit even though it was forbidden. Ick. What a way to end my week. I almost got a memo form that.

I have an officemate that everyone calls mumsy because she's
the oldest, like 41 and she's like the mother in our group because she's so sweet and she treats us like we are her kids. There's
this guy Arnold who talks and acts like Speedy Gonzales, really funny. There's
Gette who looks a lot like Angelina Jolie (whatta babe, Ailil!), and stands 5'10. There's
Greg who is gay and a cross between Jigs from 3LIT and Gil from 4LIT. Man, I cannot help but laugh every time he opens his mouth. He's hilarious. There's manly Arman and childish Engel. Anne, a guidance councilor from the International School and she sucks at geography, like me. LOL. The bonding that we share is lot like the bonding that my Freefall buddies and me used to do.

Which reminds me, Freefall, wherever the hell you guys are, we HAVE GOT TO GET TOGETHER, GOT THAT?

Did I mention that my shift is from 2pm to 10pm? Perfect for gimmicks.

The thing is, I was so ready to write-off this job as something like even the most nitwit person can do, a no-brainer kind of stuff but I ended up learning so much and I am having a blast too.

And I AM, after all, earning the big bucks. Who am I to complain?

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