Friday, July 23, 2004

for Phoebe

For Phoebe
boys are cheats and liars
they're such a big disgrace
they will tell you anything to get to
second base-ball, baseball
he thinks he's gonna score!
if you let him go all the way...
then you are a
horticulture studies flowers
geologists studies rocks
the only thing a guy wants from you
is a place to put his
cock-roaches, beetles
butterflies and bugs
nothing makes him happier than a giant
pair of jug-glers and acrobats
and dancing bear named Chuck
all guys really want to do is
forget it, no such luck!

- - -

about ardee:
ardee, whom i call phoebe/pheebs/angelo/fag, and who also goes by the name dylan is my one and only fag (aside from ryan, that is). we met through a mutual friend (karen) 2 years ago. i never knew that we'd be this close...because what brought us together originally was our love for the show 'charmed.' now phoebe knows me more than i know myself...(he's a shrink-in-training that moonlights as an eRep)...and god, ardee, is much of a whore than i am (rolling on the floor laughing!!!). phoebe and i could talk for hours over coffee or bottles of San Miguel Strong Ice and never run out of things to talk, diss, or laugh about. phoebe and i have this weird intution thing between us and we've proven on more than one occasion that we could read each other's minds. we both like older men, and as far as i know, we've never lied to each other. as mentioned before, phoebe knows more stuff about me than most people i know (including myself) and vice versa. phoebe is my fag, and i am his hag. =p
miss yah, pheebs! see you tomorrow!

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