Monday, September 12, 2011

Yummy Yam Cha...Not!

My blog has a guest! El Boaman! He is gonna share his review of Yam Cha restaurant for us today.

El Boaman's Review*:
If you are looking for a well spent 250 pesos for a buffet,  well this is completely the opposite of it. Nothing to like, everything is to hate. I started with a very thick soup (like "uhog".. so "uhog").

The buffet table comprised of some usual Chinese dishes (e.g. sweet and sour pork, dim-sum, fried rice, noodles and etc.).  Unusual was the inclusion of "Palabok" which I did ot attempt to taste, for my own sake.  There was an assortment of Japanese food (sushi, maki) which nobody touched. 

The food itself was really hard to swallow.  The Yang chow fried rice smelled weird.  Sweet and Sour pork tasted like it had some medicine included (like Cough Syrup, I think.  Boys you will definitely enjoy this).  

Pansit ... mmmm .. I would rather go with Lucky Me. 

Finally the dim sum.  One would  think that a chinese restaurant would not go wrong, but they did. .The dumpling and the siomai was so hard and was served in room temparature. The soy sauce and chilli sauce helped me scour down the meal. 

The roasted chicken and the steamed hammerhead fish was edible enough. The Iced Tea tasted good. My Son had his fair share of my Iced Tea.  I just thanked God that I didn't pay for the meal. This was a waste of hard earned money. 

Yam Cha, Bite me!

My Final Words: "Eat at your own risk!".

 Uhog Soup
 My family eating the uhog soup. Yum yum!
This is Chel's plate. She did not go back for seconds.

*Disclaimer: This review is the sole opinion of El Boaman, not mine.

Chel's note:

  • Everything was so thickly gelatinous. Too much cornstarch. 
  • I do not even want to get started on the Oyster Cake. Ugh.
  • This is the first time that I did not go back for seconds at a buffet. Everything was just so unappetizing.
  • Service is a fail. They are in a habit of getting your plate even if you're not yet done eating.
  • We are so not going back. :(

Yam Cha Seafoods & Dimsum Restaurant

Contact Details:
  • 373-1359 / 372-8136

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