Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Bad Blogging Brouhaha

I knew this issue is just gonna be B-I-G in the blogosphere. As in Big and Bad.

I was checking out my favorite blogs while my brother was rampaging, Dante's Inferno-style, when I came across Marketman's latest post  and then Chuvaness  and then Margaux Salcedo's Inquirer article all in the span of 10 minutes.

All I can say is that if BBB is who I think s/he is, then I'm not surprised. Never liked that blog anyway. For some reason, I find his/her reviews lacking in depth. Like, s/he has-been-paid-to write-positive-reviews-depth. Hehe. The scanned menus are of a big help though.

I'm not sure if s/he also pays for the meals that he reviews, but I would say that if you were given the meal for free and you have to review it, it is going to be an effort to keep an open mind. I'm just saying.


Margaux did not name names so we can only assume. It was good that she wrote about the 'dark' side of food blogging but guessing the characters on the blind item is what netizens are clamoring to find out. Doesn't the yet un-named PR firm who resorts to restau-extortion has accountability as well?

Love Carlos Celdran1 He actually asked a blogger directly if he was BBB. No matter what the Church says about the whole Damaso issue, this guy definiely has more balls than the entire PBA league put together. =)

So, what say you?


Nonoy said...

How are you Chel? It's been a long while.:-)

Chel Tamayo-Roa said...

Hi Nonoy! Thanks for checking up on me. Soo busy eh. pero will post another entry soon. Take care!