Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm Not A Fan But I'm A Believer

When the Charice bandwagon started, I was blase about the whole thing. I just didn't care and wasn't impressed by her supposed vocal prowess. Then came the guestings on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Oprah and the association with famed songwriter David Foster but still, I was too cynical to believe that the girl was simply that good. I could think of one or two local singers that are better than her.

But when I watched the 'showdown' between her character and Lea Michele's character on the 'Audition' episode of Glee, I would have to admit that my doubts about the girl was wrong. She was on equal footing with Lea Michele.

She simply was smashing and I could say that her singing career would definitely go places.

Charice just needs to improve a bit on her acting and that would take time.

In the meantime, looking forward for more Glee episodes with a little bit of Sunshine on it.

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