Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Photo Contest

I am inviting everyone to join this very first mini contest in Anything Under the Sun. Its a photo contest for cute and lovely baby pictures. Here is the mechanics:

1. Submit a photo of you and your baby between 5 months to 1.5 years old. The baby can be your son or daughter, brother or sister or niece or nephew as long as you have a picture together. You can submit an old photo as long as the baby is still between the age mentioned above.

You can submit up to 2 pictures, one is you together with the baby and the other one is your main entry.

2. Promote this contest within your circle of friends or to anyone thru blog and creating link back to this contest. If you do not have a blog yet, you can create one thru blogger.com or have someone blog about this contest for you, pretty easy huh!

3. Solicit votes for your entry. You can solicit thru blogging, emailing, or social network such as facebook, friendster and the likes. Make sure your friend who will vote for your baby leaves a comment in the comment field to express his or her vote. Vote from an anonymous person will not be counted.

4. Submission of entry is from today the end of June 2010. Voting will be from the day you submit your entry until 15th July 2010. Vote from an anonymous person will not be counted, again . Announcement of winner will be on or before the end of July. Winning photo will be posted on this blog so you should always comeback and check if you are the winner. Better yet, subscribe thru email so you will updated all the time.

Important reminder, submit your entry with a title and mention the link where you created a post to promote the contest. Upon submission, its important also that you subcribe to this blog via email (found in the left column of the blog) so you will be updated. Entries should be emailed to vancalapano@yahoo.com so i can upload your photos and verify the link you created when you promoted the contest. Questions and clarifications, leave a comment and I will get back to you the soonest time I can.

Oh, and before I forget, THE PRIZE is a whopping Php 1,000.00 cash. We will talk about how you would like to claim it if your entry has the most number of votes. Can be deposited to your bank account, sent to you via LBC, or which ever you wish as long as its doable on my part.

Hurry and join the fun.

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