Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It's A Mad World But We Love Tears for Fears!

And I thought we were going to resort to getting tickets from scalpers.

We knew about TFF's concert way back in December when Chuvaness posted about it on her blog.

I happen to have an older brother who I just knew would go for this event.

He'll be in his 40s soon, so go figure.

Me? I'm familiar enough with their songs.  I grew up listening to their more popular songs. And I think, I think I managed to scratch kuya's  CD, while memorizing the lyrics to "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and "Head Over Heels"

Anyway, we procrastinors, have delayed reserving and purchasing our tickets and  then word got out the tickets were sold out the day before the concert.

I assumed that plans fell through, but no, he was adamant that we meet at Araneta at 8 pm.

I was bit scared. I don't want to go to jail for a petty crime like buying scalped tickets. That's just too lame.

So I was there by 8pm, on the dot. There was short line on the ticket-selling area and there were still available tickets but those are for SRO though.  Problem is, my brother called to tell me he will be late so I hung out at Fully Booked while waiting and fidgeting that the precious tickets will be sold out.

He arrived at around 8:50, whizzed past the ticket sales area and we got in!

And what's fun is that at exactly 9pm, TFF was on! Front act was done! Yay!

That's when my brother and his hobbit-like companion went back in time and celebrated the 80s with jokes and diatribe that I simply could not get.

But the show was simply amazing.

Simply smashing.

There were songgs on their new album that I'm not familiar with but those were chillax moments.

The highlights were their hits from the 80s. No school like the old school, I say.

I was glad I didn't ditch my brother to play PS3.

The concert got my brother and his friend so excited that they couldn't stop talking about a possible Police, China Crisis and Spandau Ballet reunion.

Ahh, to be an 80s kid.

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