Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I had a 15 minute bonding session with my husband today.

He had to drop by the office to pick up the remote for our Asus Oh! Play HD player (a wonderful, wonderful piece of machinery if hooked on a 32" LCD TV and a 1TB hard drive worth of movies) which we left at Mom's when we stayed there over the weekend.

I only had a 30 minute lunch (boo!) and I spent the first 10 minutes scarfing down my pancit as fast as I can before going down and meeting Boa.

Apparently, I had been quite chatty which prompted Boa to comment, 'ang daldal mo!,' in an amazed manner.

Well I told him that I'm talking his ear off because he's, well, conscious!

Usually when I get home and still have a bit of energy left I would attempt to talk to him even when's conked out. He would reply, yes, but by the time he wakes up, he had forgotten that we had a conversation at all.

So, now that he's fully conscious, I have to tell him all that I want to say.

Perfectly reasonable, right?

Anyway, I'll say this again, I have the best big brother in the world. He's gonna treat me to the Tears for Fears concert on Sunday. Yipeee!!!!

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