Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Bro

Had a row with husband yesterday (another story, another time perhaps). We've both learned during our boyfriend-girlfriend days,  that it's best if we do not meet it head on and give each other time to stew. Well I've learned that's how Boa deals with his shit. Normally, I'd nag and nag and nag and then end up saying something really hurtful which I can't take back anymore. So giving each other space works out fine for us.

I texted my brother that I'll be going home after my shift.

Didn't ask any more questions, just that he told me where I could find the keys and that Maya is chained so that she won't be able to attack me. Just in case, since Maya is a huge, playful Rottweiler.  Hehe.

We were preparing lunch today, and my usually quiet and reserved brother was chatting up a storm while were peeling and slicing and dicing.

He must've known that something was up because I go home in the middle of the night without an explanation. It was his way of distracting me without prying just in case I wasn't ready to talk yet.

I'm grateful.

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