Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Eating Here Tonight

Have I mentioned that Boa is on an ongoing diet since January 1st?

Well, yes, he is and I'm proud to report that he's gone cold turkey and sworn off rice for 26 days and counting.


I hope he would stop drinking carbonated stuff though and start a work out regimen. But every bit counts.

We will do a weigh in at this month's end.

I was rummaging thru our medicine storage box last Sunday when I came upon 6 tablets of 300MG Carnicor, which was the L-Carnithine tablets I bought for Boa last year to help him lose weight.

Took one pill. No immediate effect.

Took a pill before shift ended last night and then, whoa.

My stomach started rumbling. I was wide awake until 5am! Slept for three hours and then I was off and running. It's like having a measly three hour sleep didn't matter. Didn't even have a single sip of caffeine for today.

Are diet pills supposed to have this effect?  Well, I would never know now because I'm not gonna take those pills again. Ever.

Maybe I'll just take up sports again. Maybe, capoeira. A plan of mine 4 years ago that have taken a backseat among others.


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