Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can You Feel The Love?

Was sleeping soundly yesterday morning when I woke up to the incessant ringing of a mobile phone whose ringtone was unfamiliar to me. It was a polyphonic tone.

I have been using an old cheap-ass Nokia 1100 for a few months now since sending my Samsung J600 to the repair shop. Such a useless piece of crap, that Samsung J600.

So I've been harping Boa for a new phone. But I wasn't aiming for something na nangangain ng tanga-type of phone. It's just that the 1100's days are numbered and we can't let that happen. My loading business will shut down. Hehe.

Anyway, after not recognizing the ring tone, I thought Boa forgot his phone, so I got up and looked for the source of the irritating ring.

And what did I found on the floor!

My brand new limited edition Nokia E63!!!

So husbands CAN hear after all. Hehe.

I'm still trying to learn its feature. Apparently, nangangain siya ng tanga.  Grr.

But this was a very appreciated present.

Thank you so much, dear husband.



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