Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snip! Snip!

This boy's hair badly needed a haircut. His last haircut was on his first birthday. He was sleeping and held by Tita Leila so the Manong Barbero had no problem cutting his hair.
Last Saturday, we trooped over at Cuts 4 Tots Glorietta to give this boy that badly needed haircut.
So he was all okay riding in the car, right?

When the actual cutting started, this little boy had created a ruckus so bad that all passers by would stop and probably check what kind of torture we are subjecting this kid to.

I swear, below were the last normal pictures I was able to take because for the next 15 minutes, there had been a lot of screamng, and crying, and screaming.


Kudos to Ate here who was cool as cuke during the whole time. Used to screaming kids, I guess.

Aaaand, here's Wolfie:

Pogi, noh?

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Dea said...

Ang pogi nga! Next time mohawk naman. :D