Friday, April 24, 2009

Megatron vs the Lifeguard

This cool lifeguard shirt is not mine. This belongs to Brother Number 3, who is like our household's Joey De Leon when it comes to shirts. Watch Eat Bulaga. Joey has some of the coolest shirts I've soon.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I saw him wearing a white Megatron Shirt.

So I told him that I am so gonna pilfer his shirt. Of course, he didn't hear. I told him in my head only. Hehe.

To be fair, this wasn't the first time I pilfered his shirt. When I was pregnant, I took a liking to one of his black shirts with a pink Paramita logo on it.

And my brother did not inherit the 'tall' genes in the family, like me and with his weird and picky eating habits, most of his shirts would fit me.

So today was casual Friday, and I was rooting in his closet to look for that Megatron shirt when I found the lifeguard shirt.

We are having a meeting today and the theme was summer, and suffice to say, this shirt is perfect!

Hubby visited me.

But Megatron, this is not over. I'll be seeing and wearing you another day. Soon.

-pictures by Eliza B. -

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