Sunday, December 28, 2008

Worried Sick Because Wolf Is Sick

First of all, drawing blood from baby's arms should be banned!

It was so traumatizing to watch and see your ten-month old screaming, and turning blue from crying and shaking from fear and looking at you with eyes that seems to be saying, 'mama, don't let them do this to me,' while the doctors are pinning him down and the other inserts a needle on his teeny little arms.

Is there any other easier way to do it?

This was the first time that I cried, as in sobbing and crying, in front of total strangers in years!

I don't think I even cried at the delivery room. Well, that was because I was conked out.

Anyway, we had to rush Wolf to the ER because he had some LBM issues yesterday and a bit of fever, but this morning, upon his Pedia's advise should he show signs of watery stools we should bring him to the hospital.

It turns out the Wolf had amoebiasis, so naming the sickness made it a lot less scary but the poor guy had been shi*tting all day, every 10 minutes in fact, so his butt is raw and red and definitely painful. He screams everytime we lay him on the changing table. My heart breaks each time.

Fever is still recurring but thank God, the appetite is still there. My mom made him ate a serving of banana and unlike other kids, he loves the taste of rehydration salts on water. His milk intake is still the same but of course, he'd still lose weight.

He's been very lethargic and doesn't want me out of his sight. He only wants to sleep beside me and always calling out 'mama' if I'm not around. It could be so sweet if only he's not sick.

Some holiday this is turning out to be. I have an unfrosted cake left on the table (mom and dad's 39th wedding anniversary today) which I would be junking tomorrow. I just don't have the interest anymore. The fondant icing is somewhere in the kitchen, I don't really care.

Wolf had always been a healthy kid. Aside from when we had sore eyes a few months back, and some cases of the sniffles every now and then, this was hist first serious illness. I'm currently undergoing the tests of parenthood, and I hope to emerge a learned parent after this is over. We were a fool to take his health for granted just because he wasn't rushed to the hospital on a monthly basis.

Please pray over Wolf, for his fast recovery. He needs your prayers.

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