Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Office Space

This is my workstation. It's my own corner where I can sulk. Sing. Laugh. Surf. Whatever. And yeah, I forgot about this: Work. Heh.
So, yesterday, I personalized my station. Which is fine in this company, (unlike some) as long as you don't violate any HSSE Rules (sorry, company jargon).

On top of my station rests the following:

  • Mr. Potato Head disguised as Optimus Prime
  • My Ultraman pen holder
  • Vibro-Ultraman for those lonely nights. Joke. Heh.
  • A book about 'Infamous Killers.' A light reading for avail times.
  • A box where I keep my stash of high-calorie contraband such as chips and chocolates. Heh.


And these. These helps me get through the day. =)

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