Friday, January 13, 2006

Destitution (part 2)

Finally. I've done it. Tied the sheets and jumped out of the window. Packed my bags anf left the haven that I called 'Home' for the last 22 years and moved into a high-rise condo that is so cold (my studio being posited on the 12th and last floor) that my bones rattle every time the chilly night wind blows into the open window.
I just miss my family so much sometimes, especially my mom. But as Jhamie said, everybody has to grow up sometimes. Since I don't have that Peter Pan complex that most of my friends seem to have, moving out is not such a big deal.
But it didn't help that I spent my first two weeks as an independent woman in destitution. I had to pay off some debts (still am, actually) that I had resorted to scamming food off my officemates (which I intend to pay back on the 15th). I realized that preparing for the hard times is very important that's why I applied for a credit card after badly missing my weekly ration of Hazelnut Caramel Mocha Frapp at Starbucks.
Butof course, I daresay that I'll get the hang of the fine art of budgeting my finances someday, and it's a good thing that my office is just a stone's throw away from where I live.
My current residence is niche for different individuals but there a few characters that I really can't help but write about.
1. Lotus Feet- I always pass by this unit whose always leaving their door half opened but with freaky chains on their door. One time, I actually saw this old Chinese lady peering on the edges, staring at me as I passed by. Creepy.
2. Peeping DOM- When you look out our unit's window, there will be an old Chinese guy staring back at you. ALL THE TIME. This prompted my dad to put up some blinds in the window. I dont' know if he's still there staring or not.
3. Pre-pubescent with active sex lives- This one is unsettling, one time I was wandering on the rooftop wanting to check out the gym when I saw a couple making out. To give them some privacy, I quietly exited the area but when I was waiting for the elvetaor and the aforementioned couple went down as well, I saw that they were just a couple of elementary students. Jeez, talk about growing up fast.
- - -
Finally, Freefall now has a schedule for our get together, and as Lea puts it, "wasakan na" on the 22nd.
Gushing in excitement. I missed my friends so much.

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