Sunday, November 27, 2005


Was really looking forward to covering the Ultraelectormagneticjam Eraserheads Tribute Concert on Tuesday and the MTV Aids Summit Staying Alive Concert on Thursday with Jay and Jhamie but it all went kaput when I learned that my shift for the next three weeks will start from 9pm. I asked my trainer if I can file for a VL atleast for 1 day (So that I will only problematize which event would I sacrifice), but she didn't approve. What with transition and all, everything is crucial.

Of course I understood, and my schedule is not THAT bad really, because of the hours, I would be able to get all the OT for the night shift...and Monday is holiday so, that's double pay and with Christmas approaching and plans of moving out early next year, I would really need all that money that I can earn.

But still...

Those would've been cool events to cover.

(*sighing wistfully*)

I'm not a happy camper this weekend.

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