Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fa Fa Fa Foul!*

*pidgin for "That is totally objectionable"

I should be writing my paper right now but my brother just installed a new video card in our pc and now I'm hooked on playing Sims 2 (Ho, the graphics are so amazing!)

So, no paper until I've finish playing. Besides, much as I enjoyed reading some post colonial theories I need to unwind after frisking my brain with appropriation, abrogation, and Homi Babha's theory of Hybridity. I deserved this break.

As for the title, I swear to god, I am SO not in the mood to interact with any gay men (read: opportunist faggots) right now. If I ever see that lolo (crazy) faggot, he gonna get it (he's gonna die)!

I hope i'm doing my code switchings right.

One more week, then I'll produce a paper that will blow even Ferda's socks off! Hah! Big Eye (ambitious)!

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