Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I am now officially nearing bankruptcy because it seems that the ratio of my spending and earning capabilities has a very disparaging difference with spending on the higher end. The lure of eBay, Quiapo, and Divisoria is too hard to ignore that as usual, only I, myself am to blame in this dilemma.

But I think I managed to purchase some real treasures, you be the judge:

1. Fear of Fifty by Erica Jong (95 php at Booksale SM Lazaro)

2. Disappearing Acts by Virginia Woolf (152.50 php at eBay)

3. Lot of 3 Love Stories (120 php at eBay...I just can't let go of my childhood collection)

4. Charmed Season 1 DVD (300 php at Quiapo)

5. The Motorcycle Diaries DVD (60 php at Quiapo)

6. A Very Long Engagement DVD (60 php at Quiapo)

7. If These Walls Could Talk 1 DVD (50 php at Quiapo)

8. Mr. and Mrs. Smith DVD (50 php at Quiapo)

9. Sin City DVD (50 ph at Quiapo)

10. The Crime of Padre Amarro VCD (100 php at Odyssey SM Annex)

11. Inventing the Abbotts VCD (100 php at AstroVision SM north)

12. Flat Sandals (100 php at Divisoria)

13. Slingback Pointed Slip Ons (250 php at Divisoria, big brother took care of this one for me, though)

Total: Php 1137.50

Wow. Just seeing those in print made me cringed. How can I spend all of those money in 1 week? Actually, this would've been blown up to 15++ if my mother wasn't able to stop me from bidding on a kick-ass boots at eBay. She saved me just in the nick of time.


Need a job. Badly.


Anonymous said...

can't remember my blogger password so anonymous na lang XD love what you shopped, hehe, finally mapapanood mo na ang mr and mrs smith (peram dvd ha, sira yung copy namin eh,bad trip!)

Anonymous said...

hehe ang bopols, mai to ha. uy, are you okay na b? where's the "weird entry" you're talking about?


you're right sa text mo, it gets easier... to pretend.

love you.

[share ko lang, remember when i told you it was all my fault? probably odd i found out i made peace with the situation that way. so that's what i'm gonna do na lang :D]