Thursday, November 25, 2004

Love You Karen!

Love You Karen! Like my new blog lay-out? That's the doing of my dear friend karen. Thanks so much, kiddo! By the way, I know that my tag-board's like a sore thumb but is pretty fucked up right now so i can't edit the colors. Please bear with it for a little longer, okay? And jaymee, if you happen to drop by this blog again, thanks so much for the cd's. Get well soon. And karen, I'm so praying to all the powers that be right now that you get the phone call that you are waiting for. Love you friends. And, Ailil, you who are feeling so burnt out right now, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the oven. he he. Go Incredibles!!!! To Jhamie, the silent intruder of our blogs, thanks for reminding me of that video of my fave film on sale! To Joi, who would never visit my blog, I would like to greet you a belated very happy birthday!!!! Also to Sir Oca. What else? Oh, yeah, Ima get myself a new phone one of these days. i'm so excited that finally, i'm gonna upgrade but also sad that like, everything else, i had to replace my trustworthy Nokia 3310 who had been with me through good and bad times. ch-ch-ch-changes....

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